Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to use Gmail with ACT! 2010 CRM by Sage

I helped a co-worker get Gmail working with the CRM software ACT! 2010 by Sage today. ACT! does not naturally work with Gmail. Gmail uses SSL and non standard ports for its incoming and outgoing POP and SMTP connections which are not supported by the program. There is however a work around using the program Stunnel (an SSL Wrapper).

1. Download and install the latest version of Stunnel. Use the "Windows Binaries" for installing on a machine running Microsoft Windows. The installer comes with all of the necessary files to run it. During install it will prompt you to add shortcuts to your Start Menu. This is worth doing as it gives you an easy way to start and stop the service. Default install location is: C:\Program Files\stunnel

2. Using Notepad or another text editor, edit the stunnel.conf file to have the following:
client = yes
accept = 110
connect =
accept = 25
connect =

3. Configure Stunnel to run on startup. From the the Stunnel folder added to the Programs in your Start Menu select, "Service Install." When that is complete, run the "Service Start" shortcut--also in the Stunnel Start Menu folder. Stunnel is now running as a background service and should startup automatically when you restart your computer.

4. In ACT! edit your email settings via the "Tools -> Preferences" menu item. Update your incoming and outgoing server settings as follows:
Incoming POP3 Server: localhost
Outgoing SMTP Server (SMTP): localhost
6. Finish the email setup wizard and do a send/receive to make sure it is all working.

That is it! Gmail should be setup to work in ACT! now.

You can also use Stunnel to get Gmail working with other CRM programs and email clients that don't support SSL or non standard ports. We used a smilar work around with FrontRange Goldmine: How to Setup Gmail in Goldmine